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Das pulsierende Herz unserer Aktivitäten befindet sich in der Mitte des Hofes und der umliegenden Weinberge. Ein Weingut, gepflastert mit Steinen, sehr gut integriert mit der umgebenden Landschaft. Das Weingut besteht aus zwei Teilen: Der obere Teil besteht aus einer Villa mit Schwimmbad umgeben durch große offene Flächen. Es ist ein bezaubernder Ort mit einem herrlichen Blick auf Appennino Gebirge, das die zwei Regionen: Kampagne und Apulien trennt. Der perfekte Ort für Tagungen und Feierlichkeiten. In dem unterirdischen mittelalterlichen Teil befindet sich die Produktion. Eine perfekte Mischung aus Tradition und moderner Technologie. Das Tonnengewölbe und komplett mit Terrakotta-Ziegeln gedeckte Kellerräume, wo der Prozess der Alterung der Weine stattfindet, stellen ein Konzept der Weingut dar, nah an alten bäuerlichen Kellerräume, wo wegen der dort herrschender Temperatur die Lebensmittel und Weine aufbewahrt wurden. Das alles, ist weit von den kalten Hallen, wo aufgrund der Entwicklung von Gewerbeflächen, sich die Weinproduktion heute befindet. Das bedeutet natürlich nicht, dass wir Gegner der Moderne und der Entwicklung sind. Wir glauben aber, dass ein natürlicher und ökologischer Ort eine große Rolle für jede Art der Herstellung spielt. Wein, der seit Jahrhunderten Menschen aus allen sozialen Schichten gefreut hat, verdient gehörigen Respekt. Die Wärme des Holzes und Kälte des Stahls in den Räumlichkeiten, in denen unsere Weine alten und wo die gelagert werden, sind alles was man braucht um eine Kapazität von ca. 14.000 hl dh. rund zwei Millionen Flaschen zu gewährleisten. Die Anlagen zur Weinherstellung, die Räumlichkeiten wo Wein abgefüllt und die Flaschen etikettiert werden bis zur Lagerräume, ergänzen unser Weingut. Erstaunlich ist die Tatsache, dass das äußere Erscheinungsbild nicht im Geringsten verrät, was hinten den Mauern des Weingutes La Fortezza versteckt ist. Dies beweist, dass gutes Design und gute Architektur die Umsetzung von dem kommerziellen Ziel der Firma und gleichzeitig sehr moderate Auswirkungen auf die Umwelt garantieren kann.


08 May

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"wine is the most civilized thing in the world": Ernest Hemingway


08 May

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"Everything you can imagine, nature has already created.": albert einstein


08 May

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"You are wise when you drink well: he who does not know how to drink, knows nothing.": 

 Nicolas Boileau

Our Wine is the poetry of our land

The district of Benevento has produced excellent grapes for centuries and offers as a whole 40% vineyards in the Campania region. “La Fortezza” was built on the belief that the wine making process begins in the vineyards and the strength of “La Fortezza” just comes from our quality of soil, our exposition to the sun, our altitude and how we take care of vineyards. A good quantity of “Taburno Aglianico” allows us the possibility to make a careful selection on the spot for different brands, and guarantee the production of a fine Reserve where the grapes come from a seventy year old vineyard. “Falanghina del Taburno”, whose happy exposure prevents the need to blend it with other grapes while offering the best results for sugar contents, bouquet, and bitterness. Waiting for our new plants to be operative, we select from outside Fiano and Greco vineyards, imposing strict rules to be followed. After we choose the vineyards, we closely monitor all the phases of production including the harvest that takes place under our supervision. The same procedure is adopted for the production of Falanghina cèpage, from which we obtain Falanghina Brut and Sparkling Falanghina


The area around Torrecuso, where “La Fortezza” is situated, stretches along the eastern side of the Taburno-Camposauro regional Park. The vegetation all around is an uninterrupted sequence of vineyards, woods, and small glades that are blessed by sunlight from dawn to dusk, when Mount Taburno stretches its shadow. Here the landscape has not been spoiled and the work of man has not polluted or upset the environment. People who want to spend time in our district will certainly appreciate the way we welcome foreigners. The devotion to our homeland is neither local patriotism nor building fences against the outside. In the past it was necessary to defend ourselves and our land from Roman troupes, but today it is a means to preserve our identity, and get in touch with our history, culture and productions.


Placed in the middle of the vineyards is the cellar which is entirely covered with stone facing. It forms a harmonious whole with the surrounding landscape, and consists of two separate bodies. The first is an upper level with a charming “villa” that has extensive lawns all around with a wonderful view on the Apennines between Campania and Puglia. In the lower level is the cellar, which is guarded by two massive wooden doors in medieval style. It is a perfect mixture of tradition and modern technologies. In the area designed for wine aging, you’ll discover barrel vaults, partly covered with small terracotta bricks and partly dug through tuff. The barrel vaults are similar to the ones found in old farmhouses and barns, where wine and food were stocked all the year round. The working zone consists of winemaking machines, a bottling and labeling room, steel tanks for fermentation, and a warehouse which are strategically situated to complement “La Fortezza’s” impressive structure and landscape. The efficiently organized manufacturing facilities of “La Fortezza” have the potential of producing roughly two million bottles annually.


08 May

About US

"If you asked me the reasons why a successful man, who has made a name for himself in the building concern and road safety, with ties to the textile industry and advanced service sectors, decides to get involved in wine production, I would only answer: because I love my homeland. I come from a peasant family and I have never forgotten my place of origin. It is in Torrecuso where I spent my childhood free in the fields in close contact with nature, among humble and honest people, it is in Torrecuso where I was born, where I live and where I run my business. It is individuals who live in compliance with the sun, the air, the ground and the water, while adhering to a strong work ethic, that leave honourable legacies for following generations to admire and aspire to. My desire to combine particular feelings and emotions with modern technology, utilizing experience and skills, together with the desire to produce and commercialize something that evokes passion and conviviality while not compromising quality, are the reasons why I wanted to showcase my land and allow the people of Italy and the world to discover its beauty and splendor”.


Al centro dei vigneti svetta il cuore pulsante della nostra attività: la cantina. Interamente rivestita in pietra e ben integrata nel paesaggio circostante si compone di due corpi. Nella parte superiore una Villa ed ampi spazi aperti destinati prevalentemente a prato: un luogo incantevole dalla vista stupenda protesa verso l’Appennino che separa la Campania dalla Puglia. Il corpo sottostante, che si apre oltre due portoni in stile medievale rigorosamente lavorati in legno massello, ospita l’attività produttiva vera e propria: una perfetta miscela di tradizione e moderna tecnologia. Le volte a botte, che sovrastano l’area destinata ad ospitare l’invecchiamento del vino, interamente rivestite in mattoncini di terracotta ed in parte scavate nel tufo, ci riportano ad un’idea di cantina vicina a quelli che furono i vecchi “cellai” delle masserie rurali, ossia a quei luoghi che venivano destinati alla conservazione tanto del vino quanto degli alimenti. Il locale di lavorazione, dove trovano spazio i macchinari per la vinificazione, la sala di imbottigliamento ed etichettatura, i serbatoi in acciaio e il magazzino per le merci destinate alla commercializzazione completano la cantina, con un potenziale produttivo di circa due milioni di bottiglie.


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Al centro dei vigneti svetta il cuore pulsante della nostra attività: la cantina. Interamente rivestita in pietra e ben integrata nel paesaggio circostante si compone di due corpi. Nella parte superiore una Villa ed ampi spazi aperti destinati prevalentemente a prato: un luogo incantevole dalla vista stupenda protesa verso l’Appennino che separa la Campania dalla Puglia.


La Fortezza Società Agricola

Località Tora II, 20

82030 Torrecuso (BN)

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